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“OOH I have ALWAYS wanted to play violin!”

I hear this all the time! I often ask them, “Well why don’t you take lessons? I could teach you!” That’s when the flood of excuses comes in.

“Oh no I don’t have time, I wouldn’t be good at it, I’m terrible with music, I can’t afford a violin, I’m too old.”

Well this website is designed to override all those excuses!

How does this site work?

This site is primarily designed to teach Free Violin Lessons, to beginners through videos but as time goes on I’ll be adding sheet music and teaching resources to either be used by ensembles or to aid in teaching concepts.

The instruction is broken down into levels, its best not to rush through each lesson and try to soak up as much knowledge as possible. Really take your time with this! Take one lesson and try to work at it until you have really mastered it before moving on to the next level. Music is not a race! When you rush too fast through lessons, you run the risk of building bad habits or even forgetting important concepts!

Practice Schedule – How to put together a solid schedule.
How to put together an ensemble – Whether it’s a duet or a band, the keys to playing together!
Practice Journal
Why you should keep one
The Difference Betweenplaying and practicing, and how to maximize the quality of your practice time.
Tone Development –
Shape a desirable and pleasing tone.
Ear Development – Learn to discern pitches and intervals, as well as learning the difference on your instrument.
Lesson plans to help teachers – An aid for anyone!
Musical groups that feature violinists Proof that the violin can hold its own outside of the classical realm!

Where do I start?

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If you don’t already have a violin, pick one up! You can get starter violins on Amazon for extremely low prices.

Of course- going from a $50 dollar violin to a $500 to a $5,000 violin, there is no comparison; the higher end violin is clearly going to sound better. However, you if you are just beginning, you don’t need to commit hundreds or thousands of dollars until you are really serious about the instrument.

Next you are going to want to navigate to the lessons page and take your first lesson! 😀