How to Setup and Adjust a Kun Shoulder Rest

  1. Thom
  2. March 1, 2008 2:51 am

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Kun Shoulder Rest When you remove the shoulder rest from the box you’ll see that it is in three pieces. There is the shoulder rest pad itself and two legs. The taller of the two legs will be screwed into the skinnier of the two sides while the shorter leg is screwed into the fatter end.

To adjust the placeholders, just unscrew the cap and move one notch in or out, depending on the size of your violin. When you have sized it correctly, replace the cap and screw tightly. To attach the shoulder rest to the violin, put the violin on your lap with the neck on the left, back facing you. BottomWith the skinny side on bottom, rest the violin on top of the curls of the rubber foot.

Move the top half over and you should have a snug fit. topon.jpgIf the shoulder rest falls off then your placeholders are too wide, if its very difficult to put on then they may be too narrow. Adjust accordingly.


Place the violin on your shoulder. How does it feel? Are the corners hitting your shoulder or neck? Experiment with the placement and angle of the shoulder rest by moving it back and forth.

angle1.jpg straight.jpgangle2.jpg

good.jpgCan you hold the violin up without your hands? Can you stay fairly relaxed while doing it? Although its a new feeling, it shouldn’t feel too stressful or achy. If it isn’t relaxed like this example to the right, try comparing to those below.

Possible Problems

If you have to push down or crunch hard with your neck, chances are the feet are too short. If this is the case, then try unscrewing the legs a little bit to make it taller. crunch.jpg Does it feel like you really have to put your chin up high to hold up the instrument? Your shoulder rest may be too tall! Try screwing the legs IN to make it shorter. toohigh.jpg If you have any questions, ask!

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