We Were Hacked! (But We’re OK Now!) Treat Included!

  1. Thom
  2. December 28, 2009 10:30 pm

You may have noticed either a Google warning blocking you from accessing Stringsavvy.com or just plain seeing a spam/virus installer page. According to my host this was due to an exploit in a piece of software on one of my computers. Unfortunately it did take about a week to figure out how to solve the problem and get the site running again. I apologize for any inconvenience as well as any one who may have inadvertently downloaded the spam software. Sadly, it will take Google “up to several weeks” to review and find Stringsavvy as no longer dangerous. Firefox users may have some difficulty viewing the site until that happens.

Now onto some better news:

I have just purchased a new camera, a [amazon-product text=”Flip Mino HD” tracking_id=”stringsavvyco-20″ type=”text”]B002R5AM7C[/amazon-product], for lessons and other videos. I figured the best way to replace an non-functioning camera is to upgrade it! As soon as it arrives in the mail I’ll be tinkering with it and starting to put some new content together for all you great and studious violinists!

As a special treat, here is some rare behind the scenes footage; a rehearsal clip from a recent performance. The song is called Kaboke (Ka-boo-key) and is a Kurdish traditional song. This was part of set put together for a Persian Winter Solstice banquet/party. Enjoy!

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    thanks alot for the amizing information

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